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Design . . . Production . . . Photography . . . Image Retouching 


Mark's diverse background has served him well in agency environments, corporate marketing departments, and non-profits, enabling him to add value beyond his job description. 


With a skill set ranging from pencil sketch concepts through production, pre-press and all points in between, Mark has succeeded in roles throughout the creative process as a designer, production artist and photographer as well. And if you ever suddenly feel an inexplicable urge to start dancing, that's probably because he's laying down the groove playing his bass in a local venue.

His design style is as diverse as his taste in music: textural and layered, clean and modern, funky and offbeat . . . whatever the brand identity (or the music) calls for.


Mark's experience in the various graphic arts, photography and even music has given him a mindset for creative problem solving and a personality that can be easily adapted to any company or project. An upbeat, positive attitude has been a consistent asset throughout his career and enabled him to be comfortable working with a variety of personality types.

Plus he's pretty funny . . . just ask him.  •  469.939.2888

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