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Product packaging is the final chance to grab a buyers eye. Beyond TV spots, ads and other marketing tools, it's the packaging that's the last chance to entice them to pick up the product. How does it look? How does it feel in their hand? Does it communicate the message that calls them to buy?

Posters need to be punchy. Striking, vibrant color (or none), concise and catchy copy (or none) and simple powerful imagery. Less is more . . . unless more is more. The trick is to know the difference. 


From color correction and clipping paths to fixing that blemish that just HAD to show up on photo day...

How can you show off your amazing products while still maintaining brand identity? Well designed marketing materials don't have to be a simple product list, thumbnail image
and pricing. It's another chance to reinforce the feel and style of your brand. Effective color, type treatments, photography and copy in a cohesive design can make sales materials speak volumes more than a
simple product catalog could.

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